“Public Enemies” The Movie


This movie is played by two Hollywood intellectual actors, Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, with french beauty Marion Cotillard. It’s about very famous bank robber in the 30’s John Dillinger (Johnny Depp) that has been stealing money from people’s bank from time to time. He was untouchable before Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale) who is FBI agent takes charge in stopping criminal wave.

This movie shows the weak side of Johnny Depp acts which still almost the same person as Jack Sparrow, only less funny movement. I have no idea if it’s really John Dillinger, he is acting or not, since I have not known the guy. Meanwhile, Christian Bale not showing his best acting after his great acting in Harsh Times, which I believe was his greatest act yet. In this movie, he only acts as someone with cool attitude, brilliant mind, etc, and it’s an easy role since being Christian Bale is cool enough.

Film Roles = 8 / 10
Played by two of the few great actors in Hollywood.
Photography = 7 / 10
It really seems like in the 30’s even though some scene seems a bit recent.
Animation = 7 / 10
Like what I wrote before, it’s really like the 30’s on the screen.
Story = 5 / 10
Boring, I can guess the end of it from the beginning
Overall = 6.75

1-3 = Shitless movie, don’t even think to waste your money to watch this movie
3-5 = Well good enough to sleep in, like those sleeping pills.
5-7 = Enjoyable movie, not much comment.
7-9 = It’s a good movie and YOU should Watch it.

3 thoughts on ““Public Enemies” The Movie

  1. Yovie

    Haven’t got a chance to watch this one. 6.75 not bad. I tot it’s gonna be 5 😛 coz many said it was quite boring lol.

    Nice review btw….
    salam buat nyonya..ehehehehe


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