War against Terrorism: Full Frontal Attack or Diplomacy?


Terrorism commonly refers to something violent, that create fear to get what the Terrorist believes as their ultimate goal(s). History tells us that terrorism was brought by anger that could not be shown man to man. In other words, terrorists are those people that do not agree with something but they cannot argue, like others. So, they tend to destroy something that they do not agree, with any act of cowardness.

For centuries technology has been moving forward to make things easier for humans, especially, War equipment technologies. Years before gunpowder was found, brave soldiers fight against each other wearing battle costume. They pridely fight for what they believe in. They would die for what they believe even if it is nonsense. Nowadays, soldiers fighting each other in miles distances, they could not even see who they are fighting. Even though today soldiers still dying, but they did not fight as brave as those soldiers centuries ago.

This type of technology makes it hard for 3rd world countries to defend their freedom against developed countries. So, the only thing they could do to fight them is by terrorism. Terrorist could brutally attack their enemies without being recognized. They stand aside with civilians as civilians, and could even bomb any place they wanted to bomb.

20th century terrorism has brought religion in it. Personally I do not think this is appropriate. I believe that religion has its own purpose in this world, and surely not to support any acts of terrorism. For years these act of terrorism that based on religion have been troubling any governments that has targeted by the terrorists, on their fight against terrorism.

It confuses me sometime, why would Western People call Middle East People as Terrorists. Meanwhile in Middle East, Westerners are called Terrorists. Truly it brings question for me sometime. Why do these people claim their self innocent? Well, let’s back to the point, that Terrorism is created by someone that creates fear to get what they wanted. In this point, Westerners have brought war in Middle East, so, they create fear for innocent people in Middle East. Meanwhile, Extremists in Middle East have bombed some innocent people in the west. That means they are both Terrorists.

As we know today, the most wanted so called terrorist “Osama Bin Laden”, has been using this tradition of JIHAD to fight what they called Western Terrorists. His organization grows very fast, with many followers from around the globe. He organized his organization through underground channel that not many people could see and hear what they planned. This again a question for many so called developed countries that cannot catch these guys. Why someone with an old telecommunication connection could not be catch by superpower computers? Should we believe that this organization was and still helped by rich and powerful people? Is there any reason behind that? Those questions have so many answers, and their reasons may be, to bring chaos in this world or simply to destroy their opponents in business.

Terrorists believe in ideas of anti-imperialism and anti-west. US who seriously think that Middle East extremist as a threat to their Oil Field have been defending their act, in terms of attacking their so called terrorists. They have been enjoying sucking Oils from Middle East, therefore after all oils in the Middle East have gone, they would not threatened US. War that they have brought to Middle East could not be an effective way to bring down Terrorists organization.

If there is any method to solve this problem might just be diplomacy. We should encourage these extremists to diplomatically agree with things that every people in the world have the same rights to claim their self in this world. As the most powerful country in the world US must drop down its Ego and try to understand what these extremists needs. They should not create any fear by making war in the Middle East.

Many years the US has been involve in many problems that some country has been troubling with. These kinds of acts should be continued as it is not right to involve in other peoples problem. Unless, if any dictator try to genocide its people (Hitler). In this case, the whole world has to act swiftly. But one’s country internal war could not be help by other country, since they would not understand what they are fighting at. Example: US involvement is IRAQ in order to democratize this country. Some country would not believe that democracy is good enough to run their country.

We need to start creating good community of helping each other not by fear but by love. US have already done their worst in the history of making some religion as terrorist base. Now they should not create another mistake they once made in the Middle East, to North Korea. We don’t want to see korean terrorist that based on something that they believe as pride of the country.

What we’ve been missing for years is PEACE, let’s calm our self in any problems and let solve it with PEACE way. I’m not saying this would be an easy job to do, but because it is Difficult that needs help of all people as human being that lives in the same world.

One thought on “War against Terrorism: Full Frontal Attack or Diplomacy?

  1. John Torento

    Interesting stuff to discuss here. It’s a bit confusing to understand each conflicting sides, one side will call them self as innocent as well as the other party. This entire act of terrorism cannot be judge by one’s mind, we have to act peacefully to create a peaceful world to live in.


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