Short Break for Another Blasts in Jakarta..


Just few hours ago another bomb blasted in two five stars hotels in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta at almost few minutes in difference. Jakarta has been a continuous location for terrorist attack, especially in Kuningan area almost three times since year 2000.

First, The Jakarta Stock Exchange bombing that was concluded as a terrorist attack, occurred in September 2000. A car bomb exploded in the basement parking area. Most of the dead were drivers waiting by their employer’s cars. Another bomb blasts occurred on Christmas Eve, 2000, another explosions also occurred in some areas in Indonesia, it was concluded as part of terrorist attack by Al Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiyah.

Another bombing occurred on 5 August 2003 in 2003 globally known as 1st Marriott Hotel bombing at Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta, Indonesia. One year after this blasts which is on 9 September 2004 Australian embassy was targeted which was located at Kuningan Area. Five years after that another blasts occurs, 17 July 2009 another bomb blasted at two luxurious hotels J.W. Marriot and Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Indonesian Police Department is still figuring out who’s behind all this terrorist attack. This bomb blasts is just few days from football friendly match between Manchester United F.C. against Indonesian All Stars, which going to be held on the 20th of July. If this blasts really was a suicide bombing, how come someone get through security check twice?? first before entering parking area, another before entering lobby. How they get through to 1st floor??

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