Kevin Rudd’s Asia-Pacific Community Union


Recently KEVIN Rudd suggest a proposal for an Australian-led community that has task similar to the European Union. He would calls it Asia-Pacific Community Union. This Union would include Indonesia, US, Japan, China, India and some countries in the region.

In order to complete this porposal, Kevin Rudd Appointed Australian diplomat Richard Woolcott to lobby these regional leaders. But why would Australia brought any more union that Asia-Pacific already had?? (APEC, ASEAN). Leaders in this case should involve more in completing the MDG’s Goals instead of making new summit that resulted in nothing.

As an Indonesian I would not tolerate if this community make Australia could involve in our political or governmental decisions. Whereas, If Australia propose this Community Union to make sure Asia-Pacific have one currency, then it should not be postponed. One currency in this region would be a political challenge for any country, that believes one currency would be prosperous for so many developing country in this region.

Australia in this matter has always been the West’s outpost in the East. Fears raised by the regional countries following the release of the Australian defense blue print to build massive military armory. Australian intentions should presented in detail, because what they proposing is something that not anyone would believe as a community that only seek co-operation on issues including terrorism, regional free-trade agreement, long-term energy and resource security, since they were believed as the WEST outpost. Would you Agree???

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