CR7 too Expensive???


Cristiano Ronaldo’s move is almost done, the news regarding this massive transfer budget is beginning to get respond from all around the world. CR7 was showing his expectation to move to Barcelona or Real Madrid since conflict of Rooney Ronaldo after 2006 World Cup. Since then Ronaldo begins to get critics from British Journalists, about how his on going conflict with Rooney affect his games and also, on so many English people that dislike his “Blink” after Rooney’s send off on that World Cup game.

Despite so many critics on his games, CR7 begins to show his maturity on how he played his games. On 2007 – 2008 season he proved his marks, by winning EPL and European Champions League with Manchester United. He later won FIFA World Player of Year in 2008.

June 2009 Man Utd agreed to Real Madrid’s offer on CR7 for 80 Million Poundsterling. Real Madrid under Perez is always ready to risk large amount of money to invest in such player. This would leave burden in CR7 to prove his quality of being the most expensive player if this tranfer really happen.

But why would any clubs spend a lot of money on buying players meanwhile the world is on crisis?? Would this verify that Football Business is not affected by Global Economic Crisis?? If this is so then we should invest our money more in Football Clubs rather than International Corporation. Would you??

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