Are we really in the brink of WW3??


This satellite image, provided by DigitalGlobe, shows the nuclear complex at Yongbyon, North Korea, on May 26, 2009

This satellite image, provided by DigitalGlobe, shows the nuclear complex at Yongbyon, North Korea, on May 26, 2009, DigitalGlobe / AP

Some people says ignorance is bliss, but if this idea adopted by a communist country, there would be a huge problem. On going crisis between North and South Korea becoming major headline news in every country. The friction between these two countries becoming a great concern by country in this region. What really happen is very sensitif matters, one wrong move could result to horrible war.

Probably there is no other option than war for North Korea, but for us, is there really no option to make peace with them?? We can’t give in to this situation, whatever it may costs, we have to deal with peace talks and the UN have to give its extra support. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon who is Korean born that operate the UN as Secretary General, has to show his care in solving Korean Peninsula tension, but not as a South Koreans support but as a Secretary General that has power to solve this kind of crisis.

The question is this; if there will really be a war, would it be only North versus South?? Because from what can we see on the media, China, Russia are likely to back North Korea on Military Equipment, meanwhile the US and Japan will be backing South Korea. North Koreans will be eager to finish what they started, to rule the Korean peninsula on their own. Meanwhile US would not stand still; they would see this as a pressure to set North Koreans free from Communism, and to declare Democracy in this region.

The US intention is clear they would not want more Communist country to grow, and from what we see what they believe in world peace seems meaningless. Their only intention is to rule the world under their commands. In order to do that, they would have to place their military equipment and soldiers all around the world. Meanwhile, China’s intentions are also to rule the world and to spread communism to democratic countries. Their weapon is their huge growth in economy. As a country with the biggest population, that also has spread its people almost in every country in this world. Their chance to rule the world is getting more potential every day.

What is Kim Jong Il’s goal to try a nuclear test?? Why this man does not obey what UN and global world proposed them to do?? That would be up to him to answer this.

With the tension in Middle East, between Palestine, Iran and Muslim Countries against Israel, Iraqi people against US, and Afghanistan resistance against US, with the ongoing economic crisis, unemployment keep rising, are we really in the brink of crisis that could result in World War 3?? Let’s hope not…. (Finger Crossed)

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