Korean Peninsula Conflict


Significant increase of tension between North and South Korea alarming Asian Countries to involve in solving this crisis. Recent North Korean missile test was an act of disobey, and UN has the right to condemn this country. Furthermore, in achieving their objective to have nuclear weapons they would conduct a special domestic test in nuclear weaponry. These aggressive acts are very objectionable, given that many countries including North Korea are in Global Economic Crisis.

Obama Administration’s Challenge the Test

US intervention in this matter is mostly needed by these two conflicting countries. US should communicate with China and Russia in order to generate a neutral peace talks between North and South Korea. Acts of interests in generating regional tensions in other words backing each country would be an ineffective action, in peace dialogue. Therefore it could maximize the chance of avoiding long term wars on the Korean Peninsula.

North Koreans should be given a solutions and not just an embargo in every single things that might disrupt them. People get angrier when they are under threats. It is impossible to make a peace dialogue, when one country is under strain of global world. They would see that they are in the right track, regardless of what happen to them. People of North Korea would be benefited if peace talks generate good result, since there would be no war happening in their region.

Country on the region should emerge and be more sensitive in this matter. They have to be active for a peace goal and avoiding World War 3 from happening. We would not want nuclear wars to happen; therefore we should show our care not just for a better future but also to keep the world at peace so our children could grow in harmony.

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