What Peace Really Means Between Israelis and Palestinians


According to the discussions that happened between US President Barack Obama with the new Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, We could see that, US administration beginning to disagree with Israel ideas of Peace. Now what peace really means to them??

Based on the media, Israeli define peace as No More Attack on Their civilians. Meanwhile the Palestinians define peace as regaining their land and freedom of their government. These two differences of what peace really means should be discussed further, since there has been a new developments in other problem, which is Nuclear in Iran. Israeli should not bringing this problems in order to gain world sympathy.

The world is changing, people get more angry when they are under threat. Terrorist are the products of Bush Administration war on Terror, what we see now is the act of hate against US Administration. We have to get this straight, Mid East Countries would have to let go the past and planning for a better future in this region.

Developed Country’s EGO has to be forgotten, in order to reach peace around the world. Recent world has shown that developed countries always create gaps with developing countries. They makes decision based on what they believed was right for them at that moment. Global discussions like OPEC, G20, etc seems useless, due to their ambition to reach something else than peace, rather to supply the greed of its country like Oil, Mines, etc.

Seems like history does not prove that Israel is in the right side, rather wrong. Due to their actions in invading Palestine after world war I. Palestine was a a country under the Great Britain Administration. Since then, this country became an immigration point for jews mainly from eastern europe. This was the reason and the beginning of Israel Palestine problem.

To conclude, if these two conflict countries hoping to see peace in the future, they have to have the same definitions of PEACE. Israel should not bring any Mid East problems like Iran’s Nuclear to affect Peace Dialogue. Lastly, since the Great Britain involve in this matter from beginning, they would have to show their care of world Peace, and not just sitting around speaking of peace.

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